Hopping the Fence

So innocent
with his ice blue eyes...
the gentle face
of man's best friend
stares from the missing slat--
unable to follow me
and what remains of the seat of my pants.

Inspired by: Mag 190


kaykuala said…
Chuckles! Yes, what came of the gentle guard dog. Nicely Letitia!

Berowne said…
Slick and sly; well written.
Letitia Minnick said…
Wow! Thanks all (blushing). I'm glad it got some giggles. :)
Bekkie Sanchez said…
Cleverly written and I love the ending!
hyperCRYPTICal said…
He-he - love this.
Anna :o]
~T~ said…
Ha! Innocent, indeed!
Absolutely delightful!