Muse Monday 12/16/13: A Wily Wyrm

A Wily Wyrm

Creativity perched
upon the tips of my fingers
smoulders with internal fires
ready to bite
or take flight
at the slightest flinch.

In my stillness,
I can feel its tiny claws curl
as it begins
to nibble on my nails.

My inspiration from this week's prompt... and, while the Poetry Plus community is no longer, I will continue to post Muse Monday on The Rogue Nun. To join in, just add your link in comments. :)

1 comment:

Bekkie Sanchez said...

You captured that quite perfectly. I do apologize for all the uneven endings of this last year but I really gave it my all. G+ has changed and so has the people using it. You can still have your readers visit your work at the Poetry Plus website.

I need to do my write for this now. Awesome poem Lettie!

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