Muse Monday 12/16/13

The prompt:


Muse Monday is my offering to (hopefully) inspire some art (written or otherwise). I invite you to join in and share whatever the prompt has triggered either at Poetry Plus (a G+ community) or by adding your site URL to the comments section of this post.

I believe we learn and love best by sharing so, here is your invitation. ;)

Please consider joining me at Poetry Plus:

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Bekkie Sanchez said...

This is what I did. Show Offs Plus is where we will write again. Pensador wants to write again so what the heck. Should've just stayed there all of this time but it's all good. I learned a few things about poetry and G+ that has given me a new outlook. Yes I forgot Wednesday again! It's not a good day for me. I never forget prompts but I have. I'll place it tomorrow and next week I'll tie a string around my finger. Put the next prompt in Show Offs please.

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