Monday Musings: March 17, 2014 - Form Prompt

Yes, yes... I know it's Wednesday.

Prompt: Write a Limerick

What to do: Aw, come on. You've heard at least a few of these little diddys -- think Mother Goose or a good ol' humorously lewd bit of fun... Five lines; first two lines rhyme with each other, the third and fourth rhyme together, and the fifth line either repeats the first line or rhymes with it. It is written in anapestic rhythm with an example demonstrated with syllable marks below (the back-slashes are stresses, the dashes are not):

Line 1 - / - - / - - /
Line 2 - / - - / - - /
Line 3 - / - - /
Line 4 - / - - /
Line 5 - / - - / - - /

Prompt inspired by: St. Patrick's Day and the city of Limerick, Ireland (Why not? I've never been there but it looks and sounds like a great place to visit. It is Ireland after all!)

My take on this week's prompt: 

A Faerie McClary

There once was a Yank named McClary
Who was incredibly short and quite hairy.
He reinvented his past
claiming birth in Belfast
and passed himself off as a faerie.


Unknown said...

Hi I've done mine 😊

Bekkie Sanchez said...

Then I have until next Wednesday to turn it in?? And here I thought I was the lame one when it comes to remembering these. Lol!

Bekkie Sanchez said...

I forgot how much fun limericks are! I went with tradition and wrote a dirty one. Nice write this week I was wondering when you were coming off Cloud Nine from getting your Ronka published! Lol! One of these days I hope to know what that feels like. That's pretty funny a Yank passing himself off as a fairy. Good one! Lol!

Bekkie Sanchez said...

I don't think we can edit these comments so sorry so many! My limerick is: Thanks! Lol!

Unknown said...


Letitia said...

You have as long as you like on any of these Bekkie. Just be sure to post the right piece with the right prompt. ;)

Letitia said...

Thanks for the fun, ladies! Again, I do apologize for the links not working in these comments. I've been looking for a solution but have yet to find one. Thank you for your patience and your participation! :)

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