National Poetry Month 2014 - A Commentary

Trying to prepare for a month of poetry was a challenge for me even before the powers that be decided to play with me a bit more than usual. Without a home computer (or a working water heater and a sick man and a very sick dog) for these last few weeks, I've found myself at the mercy of my own frustration -- not meeting my goals for myself and my writing -- and realize I need to let myself "off the hook" as forces WAY beyond my control wreck havoc on my well laid plans... not an easy feat for this little control freak but I am maturing. ;)

So... it's April and National Poetry Month. Rather than beat myself bloody over not getting prompts up, I've decided to refocus my efforts and let some already established sites do the hard work of inspiring others (at least for now). If you are interested in where I've gotten some of my ideas through the years, here are some of my "go to" links when I'm looking for inspiration. Enjoy!

Poetry Super Highway
PSH is currently featuring a Poetry Writing Prompt-A-Day for National Poetry Month.

"The Time Is Now" offers a weekly prompt all year 'round for Poetry, Fiction, and Creative-NonFiction writers.

Writer's Digest
Currently running the 2014 April PAD Challenge.

The Found Poetry Review
Offers a weekly prompt.

Language is a Virus
Would you believe a random writing prompt generator?


Unknown said...

Wow thank you for the links grate treasure 😊

Letitia said...

You are most welcome. Enjoy!

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