Publication Announcement: PSH Yom HaShoah Issue

My poem "Das Tagebuch" has been accepted for inclusion in the Poetry Super Highway's special Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) Issue. I am especially honored to be included as I often feel like an outsider looking in when it comes to the Holocaust -- extremely sympathetic but not Jewish. :)

This online issue will but up during the dates of April 28 - May 4 and then "forever thereafter" in the Past Poets of the Week Archive. You can find it at:

To read "Das Tagebuch" specifically, go to:

Thanks to Rick Lupert for the opportunity to remember the Holocaust through poetry and for his tireless efforts "to expose as many people to as many other people's poetry as possible".



Bekkie Sanchez said...

Congrats! I am full of jealousy! Lol!

Letitia said...

Thanks! But... instead of jealousy, how about using it as inspiration? Get your stuff out there sweetie! :)

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