Squaring Off

Stepping up to the plate,
confidence abounds
(the check is in the bank)
First pitch... a slider
(the car won't pass inspection)

Shaking it off
focus returns
(there's overtime and a tax refund)
Second pitch... a curve ball
(the water heater leaves a lake in the basement)

Staring at the pitcher,
doubt sees the final strike
(exhaustion weakens all reserves)
but the bat pulls up
(with a prayer to move forward)
Third pitch... a Hit by Pitch straight to the hip
(the omnipotent umpire has a wicked sense of humor)
and with a limping walk,
this batter becomes a base runner.

My take on this week's Monday Musings Word/Phrase Prompt...

1 comment:

Bekkie Sanchez said...

I liked it but know nothing about baseball so I'm not the person to judge this. I have been to a game though and get it (somewhat.)

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