[Untitled Haiku]

morning darkness shines
with a cricket symphony
white dog squats on cue

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Bekkie Sanchez said...

You're on my blogroll when I pay attention to it, it works! Lol! Lovely morning haiku it's nice to read your work again. Pet the white dog for me. I want to get a dog I never had a real dog, as a really young kid I had 2 who disappeared very quickly. Now at ~mumble mumble~ I want one so bad. My BFF has 2 small dogs because her son is back at home (glad I have none to come home) and one of the mutts is so cute I want a similar kind. It's such a simple need I want a friend that can go places with me and love me when I need it. That's a dog alright. Remember dog backwards is God. Lol!

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