White Out

High volume
then... "pop"
like an old TV tube.

like heavy snowfall
cold and thick and merciless
offers its beautiful nothingness
to a landscape far too dense
with debris.

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Bekkie Sanchez said...

Hello Letitia! It's been so long and oodles of things have happened. I'm still writing with my internet poetry groups. We almost were homeless but things are good now James found a permanent job at the very last minute. I am riding my bike every other day on the Bay Trail and have been really enjoying it. I found a young seal on Thursday that came out of the water to sun itself. I took lots of pictures. I have a new blog about my biking and health. I have a blog called Capricious Poet where I write now and Bike With Bekkie is my biking blog. They're on WordPress I really like it there. I'm slowly stripping out picturesque words and adding them to CP then I'm deleting it. I have just started designing my book cover with Brendon's help this is the year I will publish. White Out kind of scares me you haven't written since has something happened? How are you guys? Just checking in I haven't forgotten about you. Happy Easter!

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